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So Sup

2010-12-31 07:22:43 by KatasumiTheWolfAngel

Yes I am the one from Deviart,Ask Comick,Im The One From Youtube,Im the One from any other site..so pm anything any images youd like me to have.


Update:I'm Out there for voicing,Gimme the site and i might come,female chars are fine..voicing boys wont be a deal,but please just female characters only.

So Sup


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2011-02-05 00:19:11

now that is one sexy sayain :-)

KatasumiTheWolfAngel responds:

Thank you.


2011-02-06 19:28:48

Kools ill make shure to pm u if i make a flash wit my friend

KatasumiTheWolfAngel responds:

My mic broke so hang in there.